Product page SEO isn't just about SEO. As strange as this may sound, while enhancing your web-based business product pages, you have to consider different variables that can influence user experiences. A product page that offers an extraordinary experience for the clients will surely produce more sales and conversions.

1 URL Optimization

The primary component that needs your consideration is the product URL. In spite of the fact that it's not the most critical positioning element, having legitimately streamlined item URLs is recommended. This is because it's less demanding for search engines and clients to get it.

It's useful for intelligibility purposes particularly in situations when you (or another person) posts a URL of your products in a forum or a comment

How do you optimize your product URLs?

• Short and precise without pointless characters

• Use "- "to separate the diverse parts of the URL

• Use just lowercase characters

• Avoid utilizing stop words like "an," "an," and "the.", in the URL.

• Include properties and product attributes like the brand name.

2 Product Title Optimization

To be more exact, your titles should combine details about the product and keywords that individuals use in looking for the specific item, in 60 characters or less on the grounds that this is what is shown on average in the search snippets, without breaking your title.

3 The item page H1 Tag

It is usually common for the H1 tag of the page to be the same as the title.

While this is alright (and the default configuration for some CMS), on the off chance that you need you can transform it to be friendlier for clients (since you can securely utilize more characters) and furthermore, it's another chance to improve your page with related keywords.

4 Meta Description Optimization

A description needs to incorporate the product name and keyword because Google highlights the words from a description that matches the client's inquiry.

Rules for meta description are

Provide a distinct description of every page of your site, and that includes product pages.

Write descriptions that precisely portray the page content in 160 characters or less.

5 Optimize Your Breadcrumb Menu

What is important to feature again is that other than making your site easy to understand and SEO friendly, breadcrumbs can contribute in higher CTR (click-through rates), since they improve the presentation of your snippet in the SERPS

To exploit this, breadcrumbs need the best possible structure data (schema) with the goal that they can be comprehended by Google.

6 Product Description Optimization

Streamlining your item Description is a standout amongst the most tedious task, particularly on the off chance that you have a considerable measure of products in your store.

This is done by having Unique Content. On the off chance that your product description is a precise of what is available in other web-based business sites on the Internet, that have a higher domain authority and Google trust, it will just disregard your product pages.

7 Image Optimization

Pictures are important parts of your product pages. Despite the sort of product you are offering, your product pages must have pictures.

Avoid the use of bad stock images because using images that are not of good quality can drive customers away. If you cannot create original images of your products then make sure that you select high-quality images that look real and authentic.

8 Optimize your ALT Text

ALT TEXT (or elective content) is a standout amongst the most critical components of image optimization. ALT Text has two principal purposes:

It is displayed in the browser until the point that the pictures are full downloaded sometimes on mouse hover

It is critical for SEO since it's through the ALT message search engines can comprehend what a picture is about.

9 Use of Videos

Videos can be utilized to make your product page content fascinating. People cherish videos and great unique videos can separate your shop from competitors and increase conversions.

You can utilize videos from the product makers (if possible) however the best approach makes your own particular unique videos.

10 Open Graph Meta tags

Open chart meta tags are like product mark up. They are utilized with the goal that any data shared to social networks is accurate

When visitors click a LIKE or SHARE button to publish your page in social media networks, you want to have the correct picture and information shared and this is achieved by having the right open graph tags defined.

Open Graph meta tags will not help you with SEO as they don't have any direct or indirect effect on rankings but they are important for the proper representation of your brand and products in social media.