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A/B Testing Services

A/B Testing is a process of running real-time experiments on a website layout and content, and elements to assess which page performs better than others. For big projects and business sensible pages, One More Pixel apply A/B testing method to optimize their conversion. We can test multiple variants simultaneously or test new ideas against your current layout or element. Our A/B Testing Process includes:


Data Collection

One More Pixel will provide you with insights into the pages you that needs optimization. We will test the areas on your website that generate high traffic area, as it will allow us to gather data on your website faster. Also, we will test for the pages with high bounce rates or low conversion rate, to determine how it can be improved


Identify Business Objectives

Business objectives can include website clicks, sales conversion, email signups, and so on. We will use your business objectives as the metrics to determine whether our variations are more successful than the previous version.


Generate Hypothesis

Once we have identified your business objectives, we will develop generating A/B testing ideas and hypotheses that we think will be better than the current version. Once we have developed our list of ideas, we will prioritize them in terms of their likely impact or difficulty in implementation.


Create Variations

With our A/B testing service, we will make the desired changes to improve the elements and experience on your website. We will change your website color button, change the order of elements on the website, hide navigation elements and so on. We have the tools to make these changes easily and test our experiments to ensure it gives an expected result.



One More Pixel starts testing and we wait for visitors to participate. At this stage, we will assign randomly visitors to either the control or variation group. We will then measure, count and compare their interaction with their assigned group.


Analyze Results

We can then analyze the results once we have completed our testing. we will present the data from our A/B Testing process and show you the difference between the performance of both versions Once we have analyzed the A/B testing result and determined the best variation, we can now apply them to other web pages and repeat the testing to continuously improve the results

Why Hire Our A/B Testing Service

One More Pixel allows our clients carefully make changes to their website user experience by using data collected on A/B testing results. This allows us to develop hypotheses and understand how certain website elements affects user behavior. Our A/B testing service is also used to improve user experience and our client’s business goal such as sales conversion rate.

For example, you may want to improve your sales conversion rate from your website landing page. In order to achieve this objective, One More Pixel would try some A/B testing techniques such as changes to the website headline, call to action, layout, and visual imagery.

We will test one change at a time to pinpoint which changes affect the behavior of visitors and which ones were less effective. We will then combine the effect of various changes that are effective from our A/B testing to measure the improvement of the new experience over previous ones

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