SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Make your website stand out from the competition in Google and Bings search results.

SEO helps your website to become visible on search engines

If you have reached this page, you might be looking for a solution to improve your search results position on Google or Bing. A website, as beautifully crafted as it can be, is pointless if nobody can find it.

We deliver our websites with a set of tools to facilitate the search optimization. However, the page content, hierarchy, and the links between the pages are way more important.

Here are 6 tips to start with your SEO strategy

Improve your content to improve your search position.

This is generally the primary advice we give. No website lingers on forever on Google first page without an optimized content.

Think about your menu and URLs as signposts for your visitors.

Reshuffle your pages until it makes more sense for the end user. Search engines optimize their algorithms that way.

Check if the code does not prevent robots from crawling.

Badly coded or never optimized websites sometimes contain blocking code that prevents search engines from exploring your content.

Make sure basic rules are satisfied.

Organize your content with headings and bold fonts. Give a relevant name and alternative text to your images, and tag your content properly.

Invest in a dynamic website, so you can expand it easily.

A dynamic website is one of the key elements to implement an agile SEO strategy. Edit and analyze your content with two clicks.

Spend hours on analytics tools

With SEO, only figures matter. Efficiently track your keywords depending on the type of users you want to attract.

Need an expert to start or refine your SEO strategy?

Those are only a few of the attention points that you should monitor if you want to improve your SEO. We can help you to pinpoint the issues you have and fix them, so you can enjoy a better online visibility and an improved digital marketing efficiency.

Look no further. Give us a call and let’s talk about your objectives. We will tell you if they are reasonable, achievable and how we can reach them together.

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