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Does the success of your brand primarily rely on lead generation via your website? Have you been searching for an effective way to track who’s visiting, when and what he/she does on the website? With One More Pixel, you can make more informed marketing decisions. Our website tracking services include:

Measurement of Web Traffic

Website Tracking helps to measure the number of viewers visiting your website, their location, and the keywords used by them. One More Pixel will show you the number of people visiting your website through various sources like emails, social media, ads, or search engines. Also, we will show you the number of conversions gotten through these sources. The information provided by One More Pixel will help you decides the source you should focus and invest in.

Tracking Bounce Rate

A bounce can be described as when a visitor visits your webpage and leaves almost immediately without clicking on any link or taking any action on the page. A high bounce rate means that your visitors are not finding your website worthy. One More Pixel will help improve the experience of visitors by tracking the bounce rate of each page and improving the page with the high bounce rate.

Exit Page Identity

The exit is when visitors visit multiple pages on your website and leaves your site through a particular page. Some website has a thank you page whose exit rate is often high. However, if other pages have high exit rate, then there is a problem you need to look into immediately. At One More Pixel, we will analyze your web pages and identify what needs to be done to reduce exit rate to the barest minimum.

Identification of Target Market

It is vital for any business to understand their website visitors and address their needs for improved website conversion optimization. Our tracking service can reveal the current market demands and how they vary with location. Once you have identified what visitors from a particular location wants, you can modify your website according to that. With our tracking service, you can track the number of visitors and the interest and demographics of your target market.

Why choose Our Tracking Services?

One More Pixel provides solutions for tracking visitors on your website. Because many brands have several visits to their website daily, accurately determining the number of leads by a website is nearly impossible. That is, until now.

With our website tracking tools, we give you the power to track the sources and location of your visitors, no matter what their objective may be. Our website tracker tools provides the accurate information required to focus on specific sales leads that will result in increased sales for your business.

One More Pixel also uses Google Analytics to provide you with actionable and reliable information along with the information you regularly monitor. In addition to harnessing Google Analytics power, we integrate our tracking tools with our email marketing automation tools. This provides insights into the behavior of the visitors throughout the entire marketing funnel.

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