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Digital strategy in a nutshell

In today’s Business world, the term digital strategy has become expansive, and it has gained more and more important in the minds of executives. Digital strategy is an action plan designed to help a business achieve its goal via the implementation of digital initiatives.

One More Pixel is a Belgian Web Agency active in Website Development, and Digital Marketing. Our digital strategy will help you understand the needs of your clients, develop success plan, and ensure the plan is properly executed in other ensure that your objective is achieved.

Our Digital Strategy services include

Leads generation strategy  

At One More Pixel, we design various strategies and tactics to help you develop and execute your business goals. We use various tools to acquire, nurture, and converts prospects into leads. We also ensure that your marketing strategy works as your driving action.

Conversion rate optimization  

One More Pixel ensures that every step of your conversion process is working well and will optimize if it isn’t.We will help you understand your key audience and identify their needs. With our services, you'll get more conversions without having to bring in more visitors to your website.

Inbound marketing strategy  

Do you want a way to improve your ROI substantially without much effort? We will provide effective strategies for all your inbound marketing efforts. We will design an integrated channel to help you simplify your existing marketing assets and creates a strategic advantage over your competitors to consistently increase ROI.

Advertising strategy  

The hidden secret to the growth of a brand and an increased sales is smart advertising. One More Pixel is trained in all online advertising disciplines such as search, display, and social ads. We implement an agile approach to give you the freedom and flexibility to change your strategy and ad platforms in other to generate more leads and increase sales.

We Help Create Your Strategic Roadmap

One More Pixel starts by gathering necessary information and data required to assess the position of your business. We develop a strategic roadmap that shows the position of your business, what you’re doing right and wrong, and what your client resonates with the most, by diving into market research, social media engagement, customer feedback, and competitive landscaping. In other to change your strategic approach to attract, engage, and delight clients, then contact us to give your business a sustainable and competitive advantage! Simply use our contact page and we will contact you to schedule a meeting right away.

During our digital strategy process, we’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business across various areas such as experience, branding, technology, and marketing to help your business stay at the top.

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