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Your next Online Advertising strategy

If you want quick marketing result, qualified leads, then our online advertising strategy service is for you. One More Pixel will make sure your business reaches people seeking your products and services faster. This will enable you to optimize your campaign further and develop strategies to help your SEO with the information obtained.

Our Online Advertising strategy includes:


AdWords Management

One More Pixel understands that the management of an AdWords account is not easy, and you may need little assistance. We will thoroughly audit your AdWords account to identify the areas to be optimized or restructured. One More Pixel will maintain and test your landing page, and perform ad writing, so you can be at ease knowing that your account is with credible and reliable hands, while getting the most out of your budget.


Paid Media

Media ads strategies such as video ads and product ads can be tactful and depend on various business types. One More Pixel will determine the best strategy to showcase your products/services which results in an increased return on investment. We create suitable and interactive contents for your business through various advertising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others.


Consulting & Reporting

One More Pixel is an expert in online advertising. We provide detailed reports that contain our findings and the solution to the issues encountered along the way to ensure your ads are always running smoothly. With our online advertising strategy service, you are just a click away from developing a profitable relationship with both prospective and current clients.

Benefits of Our Online Advertising strategy Services

  •   Costs Reduction & Save Time,
    While an experienced individual in online ads can easily run your campaign, online ads strategy is an ever-changing and time-consuming activity which requires the patience to yield the desired results. If you don’t have the expertise and patience to manage bids, keywords, bids, tests, then your paid ads will be costly and ineffective. Our experts at One More Pixel will not only gather top listing results but will also save your time and reduce your online ads budget.
  •   Immediate Results,
    Our Online advertising strategy provides immediate search engine visibility while you focus on other arrears of digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimizing, and so on. One More Pixel provides immediate exposure to your business which helps us in tracking, evaluating and adjusting our ads strategy for keywords, branding, audience, and increased conversion. Our experts are equipped with the ability and experience to manage and maximize these opportunities..
  •   Other benefits include remarketing, brand reinforcement, conversion increment, and testing ability,
    If your business visibility on search engines or various social media platforms has been non-existent or not where your desire, then, our Online Advertising Strategy is the easiest and fastest way to get the result you so much desire. When you hire One More Pixel for your Ads campaign, your business will gather immediate exposure and generate quality leads and traffic, which results in a boost in sales.

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