Conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Every business needs quality traffics to their website which results in newsletter signup and the purchase of their products or services.

However, these goals can’t be achieved with only quality traffics. Influencing the action performed by your visitors once they visit your website is driving force behind your objectives. At One More Pixel, we understand that capitalizing client’s conversion is essential to the success of your business, which is why we:

  • Analyze your website conversion rate, aesthetics, copy, and usability, to identify the areas of needed improvement
  • Analyze your website data, to make future decisions and recommendation.
  • Research based on findings and take actionable steps to take advantage of the quality traffic generated to your website.

Why Hire Our Conversion Rate Service

We add value to your business

One More Pixel will ensure that every action taken by a visitor on your website will add value to your business. We have the experience and skills to increase your ROI by tweaking your website, decreasing bounce rate, and converting leads to sales.

Well equipped to analyse

At One More Pixel, we will use our tools and knowledge to research user’s behavior and analyze metrics such as the number of people who visited your website, how they arrived at your website and viewed pages.

Saving you some money

We will help you lower your customer acquisition costs by upping your conversion rate to reduce your budget. When we optimize your website, all traffic coming from other campaigns will surely improve.

Edge over your competitors

With our conversion rate Optimization service, your business will surely have an edge over your competitors. We have all it takes to win clients over — with our efficient and fast service, you will win every time.

Comprehensive Reporting

With our conversion rate service, we will provide you with detailed reports about our work, steps, and why it works. You will be provided with information about your website’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so as to be informed about the improvements on your website


We believe in being completely transparent by providing detailed reports that explain what we do, how we do it and why it works. We provide you with information about your website’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can see the improvements we continue to make. Conversion optimization works.

Optimize now with One More Pixel

One more Pixel will make your online advertising more effective and use it to compliment your SEO strategy. We will increase your brand exposure and bring in more visitors by ensuring that visitors do not leave your website without opting in for your products/services.


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