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Euronet Van Belle is willing to improve their online presence through the Search Engine Optimization of their website. The overall target of this mission is to generate more leads through the website. OMP has been mandated to improve the SEO and the global website performances.

Solution: SEO and Website Optimization

Our first action was to identify the cost per lead of the different acquisition channels. The results of this analysis revealed that the best channel is the organic traffic from Google. Then has started an SEO analysis of the website and the competition. This led us to a plan that aimed to rewrite the content and change drastically the menu structure of the website.

Website content

We have written the content according to the nowadays SEO best practices. A clever mix of strict must-haves and ease to read. We also have organized the translation in Dutch before having implemented it on the website.

Website optimization

Getting more prospects on the website is no use if the website is not optimized. We have used our UX knowledge to optimized the CMS website without the need to rebuild one from scratch.

Follow up

We're currently working on improving the Search Engine Optimization of the Euronet website. 

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We've collected plenty of references over the years, some of them are highligthed on our website.

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