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Having a website wherein users enjoy its practicality, functionality, and usability goes beyond its aesthetics. One More pixel will bring delight and meaning to your website and optimize it for efficiency and effectiveness in both user Interface(UI) and user experience(UX).

At One More Pixel, we believe that the best user interface and experience stems from the combination of research and innovation to prototyping and user testing. We will work for hand in hand with you to create an understanding of your business vision and develop user empathy, which results in UX design solutions that are smarter and creative.

We have the expertise and skills to make your websites and web apps more attractive, intuitive, and functional.

Our UX / UI Optimization services include:


Wireframes and Prototypes

One More Pixel combines the functionality of both wireframes and prototypes to ensure that your products/services reach the hands of customers quickly to measure feedbacks that will determine the future design and development of your website.


User Research

We start by researching and understanding your users. Then, we develop user journey map a task flow analysis which is both important in the delivery of the research phase used to the wireframe initially.



One More Pixel informs our client's optimization elements such as hierarchy, color, images, shape, typography texture, and soo can improve user experiences. This often involves the movements from low-fidelity to high-fidelity designs

Why Use One More Pixel?

Controlling User focus

Your website interface should have a clear starting point. It doesn’t matter if you have a complex or simple website, what’s Important is having full control over where you want your visitors to look first. With our experience as a Web Agency active in Website Development and Digital Marketing, we can help you accomplish this by creating a visual hierarchy to develop a rich starting point to your website for the convenience of your clients.

Categorize the elements right.

After One More Pixel has identified the purpose of your website and the needs of visitors, we will be able to determine the elements required by your website. This helps categorize the elements on your website by categorizing the elements based on their functionality and importance.

One More Pixel can help you maximize your website UX and UI to satisfy its visitors by optimizing your present website or building from scratch.

Predict the next move of your visitors.

After the strategic planning of your website's starting point and the categorization of your website’s elements, One More Pixel will be able to influence the decisions of visitors on your website such as the action to perform after reading the best paragraph. We will use our knowledge, resources, and  experience to systematically predict user's intention and formulate the most effective and efficient UX / UI Optimization

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